PRC Caterers Rebrands its Image and Food

There’s something new and exciting in the world of kosher catering. 

When we began our operations some 15 years ago, we were the first kosher caterer in Toronto to offer food that went beyond chicken breasts, green beans and baby potatoes, solidifying our reputation as the food company that breaks new ground. Our menus were original, beautifully presented, and delicious. Our Jewish clientele was delighted, as we solidified our reputation as the catering company that was anything but ordinary. 

But after hitting our stride and with the imposed lockdown due to Covid, we decided to use this hiatus as an opportunity to re-invent ourselves and bring something new and exciting to our customers. 

Our rebranding begins with a new name, as we are now known as PRC Caterers. This is just one of many exciting changes as part of a branding overhaul that also includes a new website, logo, and most importantly, menu, one reflects a modern culinary approach to beautiful food. Our revamped dishes highlight fresh ingredients, natural flavours, and simplicity to achieve a dish that is not only beautiful to look at but, most importantly, delicious to eat. 

Fresh, Simple, and Delicious 

In creating the PRC facelift, we consulted with Vancouver-based Executive Chef Margaret Chisholm, formerly of Culinary Capers Catering, a catering giant with over 30 years of experience. She was the recipient of Chef of the Year, International Catering Association. In collaboration with Chef Chisholm, our new menus showcase fine contemporary Kosher cuisine that is firmly rooted in the classics.

The food has to be fresh, healthy, and delicious above all. Our new menus feature bold, natural and exotic flavourings, such as lemon grass calamansi, and harrisa. In order to stay true to our vision, we have focused not only on what goes into our dishes, but also what should not be there, such as preservatives and sugar.

Israel Fisch, President of PRC Caterers

Brand New Smoker

Along with a new, upgrade kitchen, we have invested in new appliances that enhances the flavor, texture, and efficiency of food preparation. As an example, we have purchased a brand new smoker, which improves the smoky flavour and colour of the meat, while also making it more tender and moist. The new smoker allows us to make bigger batches—up to 15 slabs of brisket at a time. Amazingly, we don’t have to watch the wood as it smokes the meat as before. All we have to do is set it and the pace at which the meat is smoked is automatic. This has much better quality control and much better results. 

Food is Prepared at the Very Last Minute

Our new approach to food is achieved not only through the ingredients we use and the creativity of how the flavours come together, but in our techniques, the centerpiece of which is preparing food as close to serving it as possible.

Our logistics magic has become legendary. Here are some examples of how we served up thousands of plates within minutes: 

  • Baycrest’s 100th Anniversary Gala dinner served up 2000 people in just 15 minutes—including serving up tea and coffee, plating, serving, and clearing. This feat, which took minutes to execute, required 8 months of careful planning. 
  • JNF Negev Dinner honouring Prime Minister Stephen Harper served up 4000 people in just 12 minutes with 12 kitchens set up around the venue’s perimeter.
  • Spirit of Hope Dinner honouring US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. The chicken breasts were seared in the commissar, transported safely in a temperature-controlled truck, and cooked at the last minute with 16 ovens set up on site. 

How do we ensure that the food is fresh, tender, and delicious, particularly when we are catering an event with many hundreds, even thousands, of people at a time? Unlike other catering companies, our food is not prepared to its final stage in advance and reheated. It is made at the very last minute, right at the venue itself, so everything is fresh and healthy. If the venue doesn’t have a kitchen on site, no problem! We’ll drop power into place, install propane-based ovens, and have a kitchen ready to go.

We are excited about our new changes and can’t wait to bring our fresh, healthy and delicious food to our customers when we reopen in the fall.

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