Delicious Rosh Hashanah Dishes Will Help You Ring in the Jewish New Year

The Jewish New Year is almost upon us and it’s never too early to think about what you will be serving to mark the Jewish calendar’s most auspicious holiday. Rosh Hashanah is a time for new beginnings. New resolutions. New ways of rectifying habits we choose to leave behind and new ways of getting close to those that we care most about.

Rosh Hashana is also a time for families to come together around a table full of delicious and fragrant foods that remind us of old family holiday traditions. For some of us who have embraced a vegan lifestyle, Rosh Hashanah is about celebrating with new food traditions that highlight health and wellbeing.

For all our customers—those who desire a more traditional menu, as well as those who are vegan, we have dishes that you will savour, as you ring in the new year with your loved ones.

Below are two Rosh Hashanah menus that we selected as suggestions for the New Year—one traditional, which highlights sweet flavours to usher in a sweet new year. The other menu is vegan, highlighting fresh ingredients prepared in creative new ways. Both of our suggested holiday menus include an appetizer, main, and two side dishes.

Traditional Menu

Appetizer: Mushroom Crepes

Our creamy and luscious crepes have been on the PRC menu since we opened our doors for business (how many years ago?) It’s been around that long for good reason. As your fork breaks into the crepe, earthy and meaty mushrooms surrounded by a warm and satisfying sauce spill out of crepes that are light, delicate, and perfectly prepared.

Main: Chicken Marbella

Our Chicken Marbella features chicken breasts draped in sweet savory sauce with small chunks of dried apricots, cranberries, and prunes, beautifully balanced with salty black olives in a red wine reduction that marries the piquant and sweet flavours perfectly.

Side: Honey Ginger Carrots

Every traditional Rosh Hashana menu features carrots in some form or other. Our honey ginger carrots melds just the right amount of sweetness and aromatic tang in a healthy and bright carrot dish that brings a modern twist to an old holiday favourite.

Side: Smashed Crispy Potatoes

What could be better next to a traditional chicken and carrot dish then good old fashioned potatoes? Our smashed and crispy potatoes are hearty, fragrant, and oh so satisfying. The golden fleshed potatoes are deliciously creamy and crispy all at the same time, as the baby spuds’ salty and crispy edges defy you to eat just one!

Vegan Menu

Appetizer: Fennel, Orange and Pomegranate Salad

There’s nothing better than starting off a meal with a light and refreshing salad that opens up the palate for more to come. Our Fennel, Orange and Pomegranate Salad features chunks of bright and juicy orange segments with fennel shavings and a sprinkling of deep red pomegranate seeds that burst in your mouth with sweet pops of flavour. The salad is tossed in a Harissa vinaigrette that enlivens the salad with a perfect amount of heat.

Main: Edamame Chickpea Cake

Our edamame chick pea cake is our new take on traditional kugel but reimagined in a whole new way. This delightfully modern and healthful dish features edamame and chickpeas, two powerhouses of protein, together with fresh flecks of cilantro and aromatic spices to make this dish something you’ll want to try over and over again.

Side: Roasted Cauliflower Florets (GF)

Our roasted cauliflower florets is a healthy and versatile vegetable side dish that is transformed from simple and, dare we say, bland to exceptional, becoming delightful succulent morsels of salty crisped-edged goodness that pack a powerhouse of nutrients.

Side: Multigrain Pilaf

Our Multigrain Pilaf features 7 healthful grains in a perfect balance of hearty and light. Interspersed among the fluffy kernals of the pilaf are delicate cremini mushrooms that perfectly underscore the earthy flavours of the dish, while lifting it with hint of green freshness from parsley and green onions.

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Wishing all our PRC customers a happy New Year, filled with blessings, good health, wealth, and prosperity for all.

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