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Israel Fisch

Israel’s passion for food and culinary excellence started from a young age, working at the side of his grandfather, the renowned Herman Perl, founder of Perl’s Meat in Toronto. Israel founded PRC in 2005 and is the owner and president of the company. Using his experience in all things food related, Israel manages the team of chefs and kitchen staff to deliver fresh, innovative and delicious plates to our events. Israel also works with the culinary team to improve efficiency, upgrade skills and follow new food trends emerging in the market.

When he’s not collaborating and creating with the culinary team, Israel enjoys spending time cycling with his two boys, travelling and swimming.


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My most memorable experience at PRC Caterers would be the Negev dinner on December 1, 2013, when we catered 4000 guests honoring Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This would be my highlight as it took over a year to plan the logistics to build and design 12 satellite kitchens around the room operating at the same time. On the day, we were able to serve all 4000 guests in under 12 minutes.

My favorite dish would be the PRC's hamburger.


I am a single dad so spending time with my two boys.

Simple ingredients. Delicious flavors. Do not over complicate a dish. If the food tastes delicious, it does not need to be over presented.

I was the kitchen manager at my grandfathers butcher shop Perls Meats.

I was born into it. My father was a small local caterer in the city. My grandfather had the largest Kosher Butcher company in Canada. Ultimately, this is the only thing i know how to do.

Being to bring our client's wishes and unique ideas to life.

Chef Elgin Woodman and Chef Margret Chisholm

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